Students at Myers-Wilkins learn how to cross country ski from outdoor education students from UMD

UMD students teaching elementary kids how to cross country ski

A great day to learn how to cross country ski, for students from Myers-Wilkins.

It was a good day to get out and cross country ski at Spirit Mountain.

About 50 5th graders from Myers-Wilkins spent some time learning the sport.

And their instructors are UMD students, who are learning how to teach this sport. So it was a perfect chance for both groups.

Matti Erpestad, the instructor of Environmental and Outdoor Education, told us, “We have so many great opportunities as far as trails go. But sometimes people don’t have access to those. So hopefully we can have students make positive memories outdoors, and hopefully they’ll continue to get out there in the future when they have a chance.”

There were 9 student instructors.

Erpestad told us this is a partnership between UMD’s Environmental and Outdoor Education program, UMD Recreation Sports Outdoor Program, Spirit Mountain, ISD 709, Hartley Nature Center, and Duluth Parks and Recreation.

This is the second year including Myers-Wilkins. This event will be continued next year as well,