Student athlete anxiety with balancing wellness, injuries, and schoolwork

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There are plenty of advantages for students being on a sports team, even if they are not an athlete.

Being part of a sports team can help improve someone’s self-esteem, with maintaining their physical and mental health.

One concern students have with joining a sports team, is having enough time for their schoolwork.

Many students in high school are in after school clubs, advanced placement classes, or even working jobs.

Another concern students might have are insecurities and anxieties. The reason for the anxieties can vary one a person to person basis. One of the anxieties are the chance of getting a sports injury that can affect their life.

One of the most common injuries in sports for high school athletes are fractures and knee injuries.

Concussions are also a concern when it comes to more contact sports like football, soccer, wrestling or lacrosse.

According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the sports with least likelihood of injury are swimming, tennis, and track and field.

Denfeld High School Football Coach Erik Lofald, explained joining a sports team can be intimidating but also rewarding.

“But you only get to play sports once and at least try it is what we tell a lot of people. Especially seniors who are considering it. Come out, try it, see the whole different. It can definitely be anxious, you know, starting anything new. But I think that’s the beauty of high school sports. It gives you an opportunity to to do new things.” Lofald said.

Lofald said that the school is also partnered with Essentia Health with a weight room and trainers to help athletes.

He also explained there are practices where players will focus on their school work if they need to study.

“I think with any club joining, something new I think is exciting or should be exciting because it adds to the high school experience.” Lofald said.