St. Luke’s & Doulas of Duluth celebrate program for expectant parents

New Doula program at St. Lukes

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St. Luke’s celebrated a groundbreaking program for expectant parents on Monday, February 12th.

A $1.7 million grant from the Bush Foundation is funding a new program that will enhance access to doula support for birthing families at St. Luke’s Birthing Center called the Plus One Doula Program.

“This program will not only impact patients locally, but also extends to our rural partners,” explained St. Luke’s Co-President/CEO Nicholas Van Deelen, MD. “Data shows that Duluth care positively impacts birth outcomes. I hope the plus one program can offer even further evidence to support changes and allow anyone access to a dollar, regardless of their geographical location, cultural background, or even health insurance plan.”

Applicants to the Doula program must be a St. Luke’s patient, planning to deliver at St. Luke’s birthing center, and no later than 28 weeks gestation.

Additional information can be found here.