St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office receives fire suppression tools from area Masons

SLC Sheriff’s Office receives new fire suppression tools

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The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office received 10 fire suppression tools from two Masonic Lodges to help prevent fire from spreading into disasters blazes.

The fire suppression tool acts as a cannister that can help save fire crews time as the arrive to the scene. For rural areas this is a big help.

Officers we spoke to said sometimes the sheriffs are the first to arrive at a fire emergency. With the FST, officers pull the pin and throw the cannister into the blaze and watch as it deploys fire suppressant. Saving precious time for local firefighters.

The fire suppression tools, generously donated by the Glen Avon Lodge and Euclid Lodge. You can watch how the fire suppression tool works here.

“We are extremely grateful to the Masons for recognizing the need and for their generosity,” said St. Louis County Sheriff Gordon Ramsay. “Obviously we hope we never need to use this equipment, but the reality is we will, and these will help protect both my deputies and our citizens from serious injury or worse.”