St. Louis County updates road closures due to flooding

St. Louis County has updated their list of road closures due to the spring snow melt. According to an update from the St. Louis County Public Works office, water is receding and repairs are being made. According to their update on April 19, six roads have reopened. No new roads have been closed as of Wednesday.

Crews say Highway 29 between Floodwood and Meadowlands is a paved road, and there is still some water on the roads. Drivers should use caution. Officials may need to close the road again if conditions warrant. Highway 29 near the Stremmel Road intersection reopened Tuesday afternoon.

Crews with the St. Louis County Public Works continue to monitor conditions and make repairs as needed.

Before you travel, check the map showing current road closures, as well as other resources related to flooding. It can be found at

The following roads are currently closed due to unsafe conditions caused by high water. (as of Sunday, 5 p.m.)

District 4 (Northern St. Louis County)

  • Waisanen Road/CR 362 from Palo Tia/CR 558 to Hwy 21
  • Murray Road/CR 931 from Hwy 22 to Gustafson Road/CR 931

District 5 (Duluth and surrounding townships)

  • Pine Drive from Fond Du Lac Sand and Gravel to Anderson Road
  • Caribou Lake Road between Hwy 194 and Seville Road
  • Rose Road between Caribou Lake Road west to end of road
  • Castle Road between Schultz and McCumber Roads
  • West Lismore Road between Lavaque Road west to end of road
  • Hwy 8 between Hwy 33 and South MacArthur Road
  • North MacArthur Road between Shipley and Birch Roads

District 6 (Central St. Louis County including quad cities)

  • Bodas Road/Hwy 95 from Long Lake Road/CR 390 to McKinley Road/CR 336
  • South Barker Road/CR 335 from Bodas Road/Hwy 95 to Box Elder Road/CR 342
  • Hwy 15/Munger Shaw Road from Tanttu Road to Correction Line Road
  • Lindstrom Road between Hwy 52/Comstrock Lake Road and Randall Road
  • Hwy 15/Munger Shaw Road, half mile south of Comstock Lake Road

District 7 (Southwestern St. Louis County)

  • CR 202/203/Owl Avenue from CR 980 to Arkola Road/Hwy 52
  • Hwy 29 north of Meadowlands
  • Creek Road/CR 196 from approximately 0.5 miles to 1 mile south of Hwy 133
  • Hwy 81 from about a mile west of Hwy 5 to Power Road
  • Stickney Road approximately 1 mile north of Hwy 52 near Meadowlands

Authorities say numerous other roads have signs posted warning of water covering part of the road. In these instances, roads may be down to one lane, but are still considered passable.

St. Louis County officials will re-open the roads when the situation improves.

If you come across unsafe road conditions, call 911 to report the location. Do not drive through standing water because it is difficult to know how deep the water is, and what has happened to the ground underneath.

This story has been updated numerous time to add and remove roads. The latest update was at 4:12 pm Wednesday, April 19.