St. Louis County launches new mapping tool that shows evacuation zones, officials prepared for fire season

Wildfire Preparedness: New mapping tool for wildfire evacuation zones

St. Louis County launches new mapping tool to help prepare for fire season. Here is what you can do to protect property.

Even though we did get quite a snowstorm last month, much of St. Louis County is still experiencing moderate drought conditions.

Multiple agencies are preparing for the fire season, which arrived much earlier than normal this year. There have already been at least 20 grass fires in St. Louis County, with a dozen happening in Duluth alone.

On Wednesday, an update from those preparing.

There is a new online mapping tool, where people can monitor and map out there risk level and how to prepare in case you need to evacuate.

You can put in your address and check out your situation. Here’s the link:

You’re also encouraged to take steps to protect your property from fires.

Those include: 1) Clean your roof and gutters, and get rid of debris 2) Move flammable materials away from your home, including firewood piles 3) Remove anything stored under your deck or porches, that can catch embers 4) Keep your lawn mowed within 30 feet of your home 5) Make sure you have a Go-bag packed up and a plan in case you do have to evacuate.