Soldier’s 6 supplying service dog companions to first responders and veterans

Soldier’s 6 service dogs support veterans and first responders

The organization Soldier 6 provides veterans and first responders with service dogs who can help with whatever they need.

Soldier’s 6 is non-profit based in Minnesota who focuses on first responders and our military veterans, giving them service dogs to help them with their needs and help them to be able to go on with their life.

Mike Boehmer, head trainer for Soldier’s 6 says, “[It’s also to] thank them for their dedication and their duty to our community and to our country and this is our gift back to them.”

“We train everything from wounds that are visible to invisible. So the dogs can help a lot with PTSD and can help with mobility,” says Boehmer. They can also repurpose dogs and even create custom commands to fit the owners’ needs

To get connected with Soldier’s 6 you can visit their website here. And you can also check out their Facebook to follow the journey of the organization and their dogs.

A big thank you to the following veterans, first responders, and their dogs for participating in this story.
Runa & Steven Lipke (12 years in the marines and a first responder)
Skye & Bryan Shicks (23 years in the army)
Daisy & Lorrie Branum (20 years as a paramedic)