Snowmobiling rising in popularity since the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 Pandemic and snowy winters has propelled the popularity of snowmobiling in Northern Europe, Canada, and the United States. If you are thinking of getting into snowmobiling there are a few tips to know before you buy.

According to Artic Insider, a recent study has shown that the snowmobiling popularity has been great for winter tourism. The snowmobiling industry is generating over $30 billion worth of economic activity in North America.

Pete Gassert, the owner of Duluth Lawn and Sports, explained the reasons for the snowmobiling popularity. “Since COVID, it’s just been crazy. Supply chain issues are affecting a little bit, but it’s certainly up. And we’re seeing more and more of the family type, the two of machines, the husband and wife buying machines and putting two seats on them so they can take their kids with or smaller machines for the kids to go riding with their parents.” Gassert said.

In the city of Duluth, with the record breaking amount of snowfall in December of 2022, the snowmobiling popularity is becoming more widespread. “It gets to be a long winter when we have snow on the ground it gives you a good opportunity to get out and do stuff. And like I say, snowmobiles are so versatile because I’ve got people use them for hunting and trapping DNR uses them for cruising timber.” Gassert said.

However, Gassert did have a recommendation to those just getting into the snowmobiling popularity. “I think the tendency with people getting into them is, is they want to overbuy. They think they need a big one. And a lot of people can get by with a smaller sled at more entry level, get into it, and see what you like. It’s no different than a vehicle at a car dealership. Not everybody wants a Corvette now, not everybody wants a pickup.” Gassert said.

Gassert also said the snowmobiling popularity is a great way to bring the family and community together. “It’s a really family oriented, family driven. If you go out on any weekend around here, you’ll see the snowmobile clubs have two spots warming houses along the trail, a lot of time in fires going in or warming houses all weekend to keep people can stop have a little picnic or a snack.” Gassert said.

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