The power of water: St. Louis County outlook on flooding

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With what has been a heavy snow season and quick turn to warm temperatures is continuing to raise concerns about flooding. St. Louis County officials provide an update on the outlook and preparation plans for the county.

“The city of Duluth is actively, as our public works, attempting to clear the over 3000 culverts in the city and 11,000 catch basins. When those are flowing, they’ll help remove that water. But if they’re frozen or clogged up with debris, we’re going to have issues with water pooling at intersections, water pooling in the tunnels, things like that,” said Pete Johnson, Assistant Chief Special Operations for Duluth Fire Department.

“We want to remind folks that there is still a lot of snow on the ground, especially in the woods. Any trails will be snow and ice covered. And we don’t want folks to underestimate the power of water. Use caution around waterways where simply rocks, cliffs and strong currents are likely. Keep kids and pets close in hand,” said Ketzel Levens, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service Office.

Officials also warned about being careful about flooding in your home. Large Amounts of water can quickly get into basements so keep checking. For anyone in trouble they advise calling 911 right away.

“So just use caution when you’re out there and especially don’t drive through through moving water. It takes very little water to move your car and wash you into the culvert or into the ditch or wherever it is,” finished Johnson.

Watch the full press conference: St. Louis County Spring Flood Update, April 12

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