Roger Reinert Responds to State of the City Address

Today, Wednesday March 22nd, Mayor Emily Larson delivered her seventh State of the City Address at The West Theatre. Her opponent Roger Reinert had this to say in regards to her speech.

“First, I appreciate Emily’s service as our Mayor.  The military in me respects the office, and having been elected at both the local and state level appreciate, and have empathy, for how difficult the task of governing is right now.”

Reinert also gave insight as to where he and Larson differentiated in their beliefs with where Duluth is at.

 “The sharp contrast between her vision and mine starts with our assessment of where Duluth is at.  I’ve had over 100 1-1 and small group conversations since we began our campaign in January and I can tell you Duluthians are concerned.  They have seen their property taxes nearly double in the past eight years, and simultaneously seen a degradation in core city services. They don’t see the state of the City as strong and growing stronger – they see it as serious. And headed in the wrong direction.”

“These are things that only city government does, and when we don’t do them – and do them well – no one else does it for us”, said Reinert.  “Until we meet taxpayer expectations at this level, Duluthians question out priorities and do not trust us to tackle larger initiatives.”

Reinert ended his response by giving his assessment of the night and where Duluth is as a city.

“Tonight voters heard her assessment of where we are, where we need to be headed, and how we might get there.  Tomorrow night I invite them to hear mine.”  Reinert will deliver his State of the City Response tomorrow, Thursday, March 23, at the Clyde.  The event begins at 6pm with his prepared remarks expected at 6:15pm.  Attendees are invited to remain after conclusion of his remarks for social time and the opportunity for a more casual conversation with Roger.

Reinert is a former Duluth City Councilor, State Representative, and State Senator.  In January he announced that he is a candidate for Mayor in the 2023 election.