Resources, Responsibilities, and Rights: A community conversation

The City of Duluth and Downtown Duluth teamed up to offer a session entitled, “Resources, Responsibilities, and Rights,” Thursday, March 16th.

“One of the things that we’ve heard from a lot of our people in our community is they just want a better understanding of things. So they want to know who they can call on different instances. They want more information. This was a recommendation from the Mayor’s downtown task force. And what it really came out of was a need for some strong communication. And so we brought a lot of people together to have those conversations,” says Kristi Stokes, the president of Downtown Duluth.

The afternoon brought together community leaders and advocates to sit down with local members and have dialogue on any issues or challenges.

“Well, one of the biggest challenges is accessibility to make sure that we can all get in and out of businesses and parking in a safe manner. The other opportunity is how we are treating our most vulnerable in our community. And that’s a sign of character. That’s the sign of who we are, how we treat each other, and how we learn from each other,” says Carl Crawford, Human Rights Officer for the City of Duluth.

“I think today is the beginning of more conversations to come, and that’s the key to creating opportunity that we learn from each other. Our goal today is to talk with each other, not at each other, and create an opportunity for real change,” finishes Crawford.