Report looks at ways to help the shipping industry go even greener

Report outlines the future of fuels for the shipping industry

A look at some of the options to make the shipping industry go even greener.

On a wintry Wednesday, four lakers were waiting their turn or were loading up with iron ore in Two Harbors.

According to the shipping industry, shipping generates the lowest emissions per ton of cargo moved, compared to any other means of transportation.

Still, they are looking at ways to improve.

The government commissioned a report that was just released called Feasibility Study of Future Energy Options for Great Lakes Shipping.

It looks at a range of fuels that could help decarbonize the industry.

“We have a unique opportunity here on the Great Lakes. As we think about alternative maritime fuels globally, we’ll have to make sure we are right-sizing for our region. These are older ships, especially on the Great Lakes, because they don’t corrode as quickly,” explained John Schmidt, the Program Manager for Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers.

Short term, it means focusing on electrification. “We just put out an RFP, which is now closed, to get some help looking at ferries. And then identifying tugs as well,” Schmidt added.

Medium term goals include exploring zero-emission fuels. Long term focuses on replacing fossil fuels with zero-emission fuels where feasible.

Schmidt added that Duluth port leaders are very much part of the conversation. And that we need to look at technology and how that can help make shipping more efficient.

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