Reminders for shoveling snow as the winter weather continues

Reminders for shoveling snow as the winter weather continues

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With snow finally sticking around this winter, the City of Duluth have several reminders for shoveling snow.

Geoff Vukelich, the city of Duluth’s Street Maintenance Operations Coordinator, said now is the time to get started on shoveling.

“With this snow, it’s nothing that you haven’t seen in the past,” Vukelich said. “But a few tips that may help shovel snow away from the boulevard towards the towards your residence side of the sidewalk. The more snow we pile in between the sidewalk and the road could ultimately end up getting pushed back on the sidewalk. We have to do that to make sure we can get those emergency services vehicles through.”

Vukelich also acknowledged there are Duluth residents with disabilities, and everyone needs to lend a helping hand to prevent people from falling and getting hurt.

“From our street maintenance perspective, we always try to be mindful of those handicapped parking spots. We understand they are a little bit disenfranchised,” Vukelich said. “So people need to watch out for their neighbors in their community.”

For any senior residents or folks with disabilities having trouble with shoveling snow. There are several resources available like senior linkage line and the Disability HUB MN. These statewide services can also help you get connected to community services.

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