Reminder: keep vents and meters clear of snow

As Duluthians continue snow management, the City is asking residents for help to keep gas meters and appliance vents clear of snow and ice.

The Public Works and Utilities Department says with an increase in snow and ice-related issues this winter, it can be challenging to keep up with maintenance. But they say making sure gas meters, furnace, boiler, and dryer vents are clear will help avoid unscheduled gas outages or unintended gas releases, and keep gas appliances functioning properly.

When clearing snow or ice from gas meters, the City says it is best to use hand tools, and never strike or hammer on the equipment, or use an open flame or another ignition source. Due to the potential of snow covering gas appliance exhausts, the public is asked to monitor exhaust venting and keep it clear of snow and ice. It is strongly recommended that all dwellings have a carbon monoxide detector in an indoor location where it can be heard while sleeping. Batteries of existing carbon monoxide detectors should be checked at least annually to make sure they’re functioning properly.

If you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide in your property, please contact the City of Duluth/Comfort Systems at (218) 730-4100 or call 911.