Push to streamline permitting from the Minnesota Chamber

Push for permitting reform includes a study by the Minnesota Chamber Foundation

The Minnesota Chamber is now taking a study on the road to encourage permitting reform in Minnesota.

Industry leaders gathered in Duluth on Tuesday, to hear more about a recently released report on streamlining permitting in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Chamber Foundation put out the study, with help from consultants like Barr Engineering.

Chamber President, Doug Loon, said, “So we put together this report to bring some data to the question of, are we indeed slower than our surrounding states and our peer states around the country. Can we learn from other states that can do this maybe more efficiently, bring some more transparency and really certainty to businesses who want to invest in Minnesota.”

He added, “And what we hear and what we see in the report is that we are slower. So the recommendations are let’s not lower the standards. We all expect high standards to protect our important air and water and wetlands, but we know we can deliver permits that deserve to be approved in a more efficient, timely way to make those projects doable possible here in Minnesota. So it’s the art of the possible to create a system that’s more efficient, more transparent, and more predictable for business and for the communities that support those projects.”

The study looked at the issuance of air permits. And on average, a Tier 2 permit took 586 days, instead of the 150 that is the goal.

Loon said they are in the educating phase now, and sharing the data with stakeholders and government.