Preventative flooding maintenance

The Northland Spring Flood Outlook was released by the National Weather Service suggesting the potential for flooding is possible within the area. Warmer daytime temperatures and overnights staying above freezing have local businesses reminding homeowners of proper preventative flooding maintenance.

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“The biggest thing we’re looking for is we want to try to get that water away from the foundation.” said owner of Dryco, Josh Hendrickson “But the problem that we do have is our soil around here is typically clay. Clay does not absorb water as it should. If you we have a lot of melting, it will go to this easiest place, unfortunately, next to the foundation.”

Hendrickson recommends regularly checking that your sump pump is running and draining away from the foundation of the building, assuring that there are not any blockages to the drainage system that could lead to flooding.

“The one thing that we typically see this time of the year or I guess unfortunately a lot of times when we have these extreme changes in temperature, we as well get some storms, and with storms, we get power outages.” continued Hendrickson, “And back to the sump pump, when the power goes out to your sump pump, guess what? It doesn’t work.”

Hendrickson also added that it’s important to keep your sump pump on a separate circuit to ensure that it does not pop the circuit breaker.