Portland Malt Shoppe reopens for summer season

Portland Malt Shoppe reopens for the summer season, and they are looking for applicants. Their original opening date was on April 21st, but was delayed due to weather. However, April 29th is the official opening day.

Andy Flint, a student at UMD, talked about ice cream store’s popularity. “I like walking this little walkway from Canal over to downtown, Duluth, along the lake.” Flint said. “It’s a nice little shop in the summer, it’s great to come here and just get some malts with your friends. It’s one of the treasures from Duluth.”

Portland Malt Shoppe sells sundaes, malts, floats, and ice cream cones. Also they have gift certificates you can buy for someone else to get a free ice cream treat. The malt shop will be open throughout the summer, with their last day being October 15th.

To find out more information about applying at Portland Malt Shoppe you can look here. For more stories happening in Duluth you can read more here.