Portions of Skyline Parkway, other Duluth roads closed until further notice

The City of Duluth is postponing the seasonal reopening to vehicular access of sections of Skyline Parkway until further notice due to the influx of water and moisture from the rapid snow melt.

These sections of roadway are closed to vehicles annually in the winter and reopened in the spring if conditions permit.

The following portions of roads remain closed:

  • Skyline Parkway from 0.4 miles east of Glenwood Street to Maxwell Road
  • Seven Bridges Road from Lakeview Chalet to Maxwell Road
  • Maxwell Road from Skyline Parkway to Oak Street
  • Skyline Parkway from 0.3 miles south of 100th Avenue West to the city limits

The Maxwell Road are located at the east end of Skyline Parkway, generally from the Lakeview Chalet on Seven Bridges Road to the Hawk Ridge overlook. The last segment is located at the extreme western end of Skyline Parkway beyond Spirit Mountain, reaching the city limits.

All the segments listed will stay closed until further notice by the City of Duluth.