Proctor Schools cleared following report of gun; No gun found

Proctor school cleared following reports of a gun

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Proctor police and the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department investigate the situation at the Proctor Public Schools at 131 N 9th Avenue in Proctor on Wednesday. Multiple agencies were called to the scene following a report of a student with a gun.

“At 4:31 this afternoon, we received a call with a possible student that had a weapon involved in the school, walking around up by the media center,” said Proctor Police Chief Kent Gaidis. “When the squads arrived, they didn’t know if it was a weapon or not.”

Police say a student has been identified and is being questioned at this time.

Authorities are now investigating the initial calls about a report of a gun. In a briefing, Gaidis said that it now appears there may not have been a gun. Law enforcement are now working to determine where the initial calls originated.

“That’s the confusion of multiple calls. They’re trying to sort all this out,” said Gaidis. “We’re trying to backtrack now and see who told what to whom.”

Superintendent Kerry Juntunen told WDIO that the student in question was using a piece of broken computer to tap on lockers. Some students thought they saw something suspicious, and he had left the building before law enforcement arrived.

Juntunen sent this message to staff.

Good evening,
Late this afternoon, a report was made that a student may have been in possession of a gun in the upper hallway of the High School. Police from Proctor, Hermantown, Cloquet and Duluth, along with the Sheriff’s D3partments from St. Louis and Carlton County, and the Minnesota Stte Patrol responded to the site.

There was no threat. The student was carrying a piece of a broken computer and tapping it on lockers. He then left the building before law enforcement arrived.

I would like to thank all law enforcement officers for responding quickly and moving through the building efficiently. I’d also like to thank the teachers and other advisors who were in the building with students for their quick and calm actions.

Everyone acted exactly as we have been trained to do.

According to St. Louis County Sheriff Gordon Ramsay, there were very few people at the school at the time of the incident.

Any students and faculty inside the school were asked to shelter in their rooms while police searched the school. The building has since been cleared and students have been allowed to leave.

“Everybody’s going home safely. That’s good,” said Sheriff Ramsay.

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