Plenty of energy and excitement at the IRE Engineering Expo at Rock Ridge

IRE Engineering Expo at Rock Ridge

Students at Rock Ridge checked out so many opportunities involving engineering at the IRE Engineering Expo on Friday.

The entire student body at Rock Ridge had the chance to check out all things engineering on Friday.

Iron Range Engineering, which is part of Minnesota North, partnered with the school to put on this event.

Ron Ulseth, the founder of IRE, told he’s been sharing about engineering with classrooms for decades. This time, it’s different. “The opportunity to do it with a whole high school is amazing. The students have been so great.”

Presentations from IRE and then almost 40 expo booths gave them a real taste of the variety in the engineering world.

Willie Spelts is the Director of School to Work Engagement, and said the IRE approached them about this idea. “This completely matches our career academy model at Rock Ridge,” he said.

Corbet Hainey, a freshman, told us he’s interested in engineering because he enjoys hands on activities and problem solving. “Especially in a dynamic and science way,” he added.

Another student, Connor Dronebarger, said, “I’m thinking about doing environmental science and environmental engineering. It’s a way to help the earth and help with everything else.”

IRE folks are proud to share what makes the industry so important.

Katy Ulseth, an engineering instructor at IRE, explained, “I like to say engineers use creativity and innovation to solve problems, to make the world a better place. That’s what engineers do.”

Although mining companies and mining vendors play a big role, there were also other companies there, like Minnesota Power.