Planting trees can help with reducing utility costs

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Planting trees in your yard not only helps the environment, but can also help with paying less in utilities.

The tree canopies up above can help provide shade to protect homes from heat in the summer.

Some of the trees that can help provide with cooling your home include birch, willow, maple and oak.

Not only do these trees help provide shade from the heat, it can improve overall green space and home value.

Emma Shultz, a community forest project specialist from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, explained where trees are best utilized.

“Planting deciduous trees to the east and west of your home creates shade in the right places, which allows you to cool your home naturally and reduce your air conditioning use in the summer.” Shultz said.

There are also different trees you can plant to help keep your home warm in winter. Conifer trees like pines, evergreens, cedar and junipers provide wind breaks in winter.

These tree species help protect homes from cold winds from entering homes through holes and cracks. Which can potentially help keep the home warm.

“You could plant coniferous trees to the west and north of your home. This would help to block cold winter winds and would reduce, theoretically, your heating needs in the winter.” Shultz said.

For more information regarding plant care you can look at the DNR’s website,