Planned Parenthood resumes abortion procedures in Wisconsin

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Following two court rulings, Planned Parenthood is now resuming abortion procedures within Wisconsin. Since September 18th, Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics can now see patients. However, there are still state restrictions involving the surgical procedure.

Tanya Atkinson, the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood president, said there are legal plans to prevent future abortion access restrictions. “Our commitment was to resume services as soon as we possibly could,” Atkinson said. “Once those two rulings came out, making it abundantly clear, the statute itself doesn’t apply to voluntary abortions. The team was able to restore services beginning today.”

After Dobbs v. Jackson, there were restrictions in clinics from offering abortion services throughout the state of Wisconsin. This is due to a state law from 1849, where a woman could not attack her unborn child.

Atkinson said not only did the law prevent Planned Parenthood, but other institutions, from performing the surgery. “Every health care provider that was providing abortion, even in emergency situations, stopped providing abortion, except in those very limited cases where it life was threatened,” Atkinson said. “So not just Planned Parenthood here in Wisconsin, but all the health care providers across the state suspended abortion care as well.”

Atkinson said Planned Parenthood will resume abortion procedures at their Milwaukee and Madison clinics. However, there is legal action to prevent future restrictions on abortion access. “It is critical to not only protect access to abortion, but expand access across the state,” Atkinson said. “Even before the Dobbs ruling, it was challenging for women, and people across the gender spectrum to access abortion in Wisconsin, having to travel great distances.”

WDIO did reach out to a physician with the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYN’s for comment, but did not receive a comment at this time.

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