Piedmont Youth Hockey Association struggles to get their rink ready

Piedmont Youth Hockey Association struggles to get their rink ready

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The Piedmont Youth Hockey Association is struggling to get their rink ready for the winter season. Not only are there challenges with the unseasonably warm winter temperatures but also a lack of volunteers.

Justin Finke, the president with the Piedmont Youth Hockey Association Board, said the community rink isn’t just for hockey.

“This is for the whole Piedmont community,” Finke said. “There are so many kids who come down there just for fun. A lot of adults who come also skate.”

Around this time last year, the Piedmont’s two hockey rinks were ready for the hockey season. Although this year is a different story with some temperatures reaching the 40’s in December.

“All last week are our evening crews. Maybe put one or two layers of water on it,” Finke said. “Typically, when you put a layer of water on it on one rink, it might take 25 minutes if it’s 28 degrees. That’ll take an hour before it’s ready for more water.”

Finke also said when the ice is not thick enough it can be dangerous for people wanting to skate or play hockey.

“Everyone is struggling to some extent and these winters are getting warmer,” Finke said. “They’re getting snowier and loose, trying to figure out, you know, how we continue to be a major hockey city and how we continue to recreate outdoors or recreate the winter.”

If people are looking to help volunteer with the flood work, they can reach out to the Piedmont Youth Hockey Association’s Facebook.

“The volunteer resources this year are not great in Piedmont,” Finke said. “So we’re really just trying to encourage our friends and neighbors to come out and to try and help out when they can. A lot of past Piedmont alumni have been coming down and helping, which is great. But yeah, these temperatures, man, you just can’t fight the weather.”

Brian Houck, the Rink Director with Piedmont Youth Hockey Association, said they need more volunteers.

“Just show up. Usually we’re down here Sunday through Thursday night,” Houck said. “Folks usually get here about 7 p.m. weekends. We’re usually down here. But there’s usually somebody down here to add some water.”

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