‘Petflation’ up, owners struggling to feed pets

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As the cost of basic pet care continues to increase, many owners have been having difficulty affording care for their dogs and cats.

“This seems to be kind of across animal welfare all over the country. We’re seeing a large increase in people needing support,” said Animal Allies Humane Education Manager Nicole Facciotto. “Not necessarily needing to surrender their animals, but experiencing food insecurity, having trouble affording basic vaccines or wellness visits, things like that, people needing temporary housing as they move from one location to another. “

With these issues, some have felt no choice but to give up their pet. Animal Allies can help you see if there is a better option.

“If you are considering surrendering or you’re just looking for somebody to talk to, talk through your options, give us a call,” said Facciotto. “We’re happy to help and offer you all the resources we have and if surrendering is the best option, we just encourage people to call.”

Donations are always welcome, although the shelter is not always the best place for them.

“People often donate here, which is great,” said Facciotto. “We make sure it gets somewhere that it can be used, but bringing it straight to the source helps. So Damiano Center, CHUM, things like that. Then people who are experiencing food insecurity who need a little bit of extra help can go directly there. If you are experiencing an issue and you need some type of resource to let our front desk staff know and we’ll do whatever we can to help you out.”

Animal Allies also offers free microchip clinics and has begun offering basic wellness.

“We just want to try to be here as a resource for the pets and the pet owners in our community. and it’s an ever changing need, so we’re just trying to stay on top of it and do what we can for the people here in Duluth.”

For those looking to adopt, Animal Allies updates their website every morning.