Pete Stauber: One on one with Tom Hauser

Pete Stauber one on one

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The balance of power for our nation hinges on some key races this November and one of them, is right here in the northland.

Republican congressman Pete Stauber says immigration and mining will be two of the key issues in the 2024 campaign.

He’s running for re-election in a rematch with democrat Jennifer Schultz, a former Minnesota state lawmaker.

“My focus and priority is on legislation that helps our district,” Stauber told KSTP Chief political reporter Tom Hauser.

Stauber is trying to win a fourth term in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district, something no republican has ever done.

Stauber faced criticism from democrats in January for claiming some credit for a billion dollars in funding for replacement of the Blatnik bridge, after voting against the infrastructure bill that funded it. The congressman said he voted against the bill because it included too much spending in other areas, but says he always supported Blatnik bridge funding.

“When it becomes law I’m going to fight for every single dollar to be brought back to Minnesota’s 8th congressional district and that’s exactly what I did and that’s exactly what I’m going to continue to do,” Stauber said.

The incumbent representative said immigration will be a big campaign issue in November.

“I’ve been down to the border three times and it gets worse each time I’m down there. When I talk to mayors and members of legislatures in Arizona they say enough is enough, we can’t handle this. It overburdens our social service system, our hospitals, our schools, etcetera, they can’t handle it,” Stauber said.

The congressman says the ousting of former speaker Kevin Mccarthy and criticism of current speaker Mike Johnson are distractions he doesn’t support. But he does support former president Donald Trump despite his legal troubles.

“Does former President Trump have the character to serve another term?,” Hauser asked.

“Listen, there’s no perfect candidate,” Stauber said. “But look at what President Trump and his policies did for America. Interest rates low, wages high, a secured border, support for law enforcement, peace through strength across the world.”

Stauber defeated Jennifer Schultz by 14 points in 2022.

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