Parakeets, lumberjacks, and more at the DECC this weekend

An inside look at this year’s Arrowhead Home and Builders Show

From parakeets to lumberjacks, there's all sorts of fun at the DECC this weekend at the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show.

The Arrowhead Home & Builders Show at the DECC began Thursday with exhibitors, performances, and feature events. The show will continue through the weekend.

One of the exhibits is “Parakeet Landing,” which has over 250 birds. Anyone can enter the enclosure for free, and there are seed sticks available for purchase for those who want the birds to be drawn to them within the enclosure.

Some of the other exhibits feature tractors, saunas, and hot tubs. Twin Ports Tiny Homes has a cabin available for anyone to walk through, bringing a steady flow of people interested in seeing how spacious it can be inside a tiny home.

The feature and entertainment lineup includes White House Florist Laura Dowling, DIY Guru Doreen Stovenour, and the Timberworks Lumber Jack Show.

“We have seven different events that we’re going to be doing, and all the events have stemmed from the day-to-day work of the old-time lumberjacks in the woods in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota from a hundred years ago. We have axe throwing, crosscut sawing, springboard chopping, log rolling, and speed climbing,” said owner Dave Weatherhead. “We divide the crowd into two teams, and we give them each a team of one lumberjack and one lumberjill to cheer on. We have two logging camps and they come cheer and make a bunch of ruckus and have a great time.”

The hours for the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show this weekend are 9 am – 8 pm Saturday and 10 am – 4 pm Sunday.