Oulu Glass Galley: A hidden gem in Wisconsin

Deep in the farmland of Oulu Wisconsin, there’s a glassblowing hidden gem that’s been teaching the art for generations.

Oulu Glass Gallery has been teaching the art of glassblowing is a three generation run business. Co-Owners Sue and James Vojacek taught the art to their kids and their grandkids.

“It makes it a little more special and unique”, says Sue, “people like to know that fact and to meet the artists. And to see that our daughter, son, and grandkids are following in the footsteps is kind of neat.”

Sue and James say they introduced glassblowing to the kids at a young age. “Oh, we started the kids that probably age four or five by handling the materials, the pipes and the equipment and then assisting them making some little thing. And then it just kind of grew. And now they’re in their teens and twenties and they’re blowing glass”, says Sue.

The gallery winds down their production towards the end of January as the need more time to focus on commissions. They do accept appointments only in their off season and open their doors back open in the end of May. You can find more at their website here.