One last week of golfing for the season

Taking advantage of the warm week

Golfers have been enjoying the nice weather at Hidden Greens North in Solon Springs.

Hidden Greens North, a golf course in Solon Springs, tries to stay open until the Wisconsin deer opener each year. The past few years, the season has ended early, but with a warm November, the golf course has been open all week. 

“It’s a beautiful day in northern Wisconsin and the sun is shining, no wind, and we’re enjoying one of the last days of golf,” said golfer Nick Patronas.

Some golf courses are already closed for the season, but Hidden Greens North will be open for the rest of the week. 

“Anytime you get some nice weather like this, it’s just a bonus. I mean, everybody’s getting hunkering down for the cold weather, and a lot of people are leaving for warmer destinations,” said ranger John Wentzlaff. “But I think for the people who aren’t leaving, you get a little bit of time in November like this to get some fresh air and some sun. It’s nice to get out of the house, get rid of that cabin fever. It really helps break up the winter if you can, if you can keep golfing in mid-November.”

There was a late start to the season with our snowy spring, so many golfers were glad to have this week’s weather. 

“Fall golf is always good to make up for some of the bad times we had,” said Patronas.

Staying open this late into the fall comes with its challenges, such as a frost delay on Wednesday morning.

“We had 27 degrees instead of an overnight of 40, so we had a bunch of tee times and when there’s frost on the course, we really don’t want to put people on the greens because it’ll destroy the greens. And so yeah, we ended up with an hour and a half delay,” said Wentzlaff. “It was a little bit stressful trying to get everybody out, but we got everybody out. And tons of smiles here today and everybody loves it.”