Northland Strong: Meet Zeke Priest

Imagine being seven years old and your whole life has unfortunately been dealing with adult doctors and nurses. Now, with the help of Courage Kenny seven year old Zeke Priest is out enjoying kayaking.
On beautiful Duluth summer night out on Lake Superior you’ll find a fun-loving energetic seven year old paddling a blue kayak. Laying claim to the strongest person in the world with muscles for days, he is a rock star.

Ezekiel Priest or known by many as Zeke has cerebral palsy. While on the lake Zeke love to tell knock-knock jokes. He gets to do this every Wednesday night thanks to the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Zeke’s Dad, Daniel Priest, loves the opportunity it gives his son. “It’s a chance to get Ezekeil doing extracurricular activities, that his brothers can do but he doesn’t necessarily have an opportunity to do in a traditional setting”

This setting allows Zeke to do what he likes to do best and that’s just being a kid. Claudia Comstock a volunteer with Courage Kenny says, “It’s nice to meet people like this that just inspire you, the joy they have for life and the adversities they face. It’s incredible.”

Zeke’s dad says, “It makes me cry every time, I see my son no only be a kid but doing out doors sports, not confined by a disability.”

If you would like to become a volunteer and help the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and all their life changing programs you can call 218-726-4762.