Northern Waters Smokehaus Reopening in Dewittz-Seitz building

After 25 years Northern Waters Smokehaus is reopening at their new location, but in the same building. Eric Goerdt, the owner says the move has been planned for several years.

“We outgrew our little space here in the Dewittz-Seitz building probably 15 years ago,” Goerdt said. “We’ve always dreamt of having a place for people to sit down and to have our deli have something on display again. Now we have the best of both worlds.”

Northern Waters Smokehaus reopening also includes expanding their menu, but also featuring different drinks.

“Now we have really good draft beer from a local breweries and we’ve got really good wine by the glass. We want to be a place for people to come hang out,” Goerdt said. “We have a deli, a sit down area, and we want to bring back some music and community activities like Amazing Grace Café did as well.”

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