North Shore Inline Marathon full of runners, skaters & fans in Duluth

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This weekend folks from the northland and beyond were out running and skating, from Twin Ports to Duluth. The North Shore Inline Marathon have been going on since 1996 and its still going strong with long-time runners, and even new comers.

Kevin Boedigheimer said his family have been running for years, and this weekend everyone could take part in the North Shore Inline Marathon. Especially his role on the side lines. “Our family is participating this morning. My daughter ran the half marathon here this morning and my wife ran the 10-K.” Kevin Boedigheimer said. “But I’ve always been the coach and the coach has to do, what the coach has to do. Which is to get the squad up and get a moving.”

When it comes to any run from whole or half marathons, consistency and training goes a long way. However, having that emotional support can give you that final push to the finish line. “This is the official cowbell bill from 1977, Grandma’s Marathon. This is my good luck charm for the family.” Kevin Boedigheimer said.

Ruth Boedigheimer also said showing your support for your loved ones running can inspire yourself to go and be a runner. “My daughter ran the half marathon with a friend, so I knew we would be down here cheering her on. So I’m like, ‘Why not run the ten K? A ten K is my favorite race,’. I never ran it before and it was totally awesome. I will be here next year.”

For people thinking about wanting to try the north shore inline marathon for next year the early bird registration is from September 18th through the 30th. “Running is soul searching. It is time for yourself. And it’s such a sense of accomplishment.” Ruth Boedigheimer said. “And you soul search while you’re out there. Your feelings and your thoughts are your own.”

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