New spine surgery program at Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet

Cloquet now has new spinal surgery program

Community Memorial

Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet is proud of their new spine surgery program.

Two independent neurosurgeons who have practiced in Duluth for years will lead the program, and provide surgeries to patients from around the region and Canada.

Dr. Matt Davies, who is from Duluth, told us, “As we have started to develop a spine program here in Cloquet, this provides the top of the line navigation platform. This allows us to do things as safely as possible and as accurately as possible. Traditional surgery was done with X-ray and fluoroscopy. It was a decent amount of radiation to both ourselves, patients and the team in the operating room. This helps mitigate a lot of that, and increases the safety of the surgery.”

He said he and Dr. Broadway are really happy to be working with such great staff.

The equipment will be up and running next Monday.