New Restrictions for motorized vehicles on Upper Red Lake

The Beltrami County Sheriff Office released a statement regarding ice fishing at Upper Red Lake. There will be new restrictions for vehicles at Upper Red lake. This is after continued incidents of fishermen becoming stranded on and breaking through the ice.

Per Minnesota Statute 86B.106, vehicles are barred from traversing Upper Red Lake until the Sheriff rescinds this order. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and all motorized vehicles are prohibited from going on the ice. A violation of this order is a misdemeanor under Minnesota Statute.

County officials will monitor the ice conditions and when practical and prudent the Sheriff will lift this restriction. After several days of rain and above freezing temperatures, ice conditions have deteriorated.

On Friday, December 29th, The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office rescued 122 fishermen stranded on Upper Red Lake. This was after their ice float detached from the main shoreline.

Inland area lakes have very inconsistent ice conditions. Minnesota state officials and agencies warn extreme caution should be employed if you choose to venture on area lakes. Check the ice thickness frequently, do not drive vehicles on the ice. Make sure to check with area resorts and bait shops regarding ice conditions before going on the ice.

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The Beltrami County Sheriff has been in contact with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner. Also the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner. Along with the Director of the Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division Colonel Rod Smith regarding this situation.

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