New Bentleyville exhibit opens at the Depot

Bentleyville exhibit opens

Where did the idea for Bentleyville come from? A new exhibit at the Duluth depot tells the whole story.

The word, Bentleyville conjures up memories of family and friends ringing in the holidays on the Duluth waterfront.

But for many of us, our memories of Bentleyville go way back, to one man’s front yard in Esko. A yard so decorated for the holiday season that shuttle busses had to be organized to bring thousands of desiring on-lookers to see it.

The entire metamorphosis of what we now call Bentleyville is now preserved and on display at the Duluth Depot.

Construction on a new exhibit on the history of Bentleville began over a month ago, and it’s now ready for the public to enjoy, thanks in large part to Nathan Bentley.

The exhibit designer, Gary Lundstrom says Nathan Bentley gave him a ton of materials that span the past 20 years.

“I basically wrote a story titled, and I’m quoting him, a hobby that got out of control,” Lundstrom said.

This 20th anniversary of Bentleyville overview and exhibit features displays from Nathan Bentley’s original light display from his yard in Esko way back to 2003.

The new Bentleyville exhibit is open to the public during depot hours and just like today’s Bentleyville tour of lights, it’s free.