Nette’s Diner in Chisholm opening on Thursday, will serve fresh, made to order burgers

Nette’s Diner to open up on Thursday

A new place to grab a burger is opening up for the season in Chisholm on Thursday.

Nette and Bill Purdy love food, and are excited to be sharing more of it with their community. She’s a teacher and he’s a retired police officer.

And now, they have taken over the space that used to be The Stand in Chisholm.

“I’ve always liked to cook,” Nette said. “And his parents ran a drive-in growing up, and his grandparents ran a cafe. Anytime there was a potluck, we’d feed the school or he’d feed the police department.”

Starting Thursday, they will be open every day except Wednesdays.

Enjoy fresh burgers, hand dipped ice cream and more, either in the drive-in style or at the tables they’ve got set up.

Nette said they are focused on using local vendors as well.

Catering began earlier this year.

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