Multiple structure fires in the Aurora area

At approximately 7:04 P.M. on Wednesday night, St. Louis County Sheriff’s deputies, East Range Police Department officers, and the Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, and Palo Fire Departments responded to the report of a garage fire on the 5400 blk of Hwy 100, south of the city of Aurora.

Arriving responders located a garage and multiple vehicles that were fully engulfed in flames. The garage was not occupied at the time, nor was there anyone reported to have been injured after the homeowners’ attempts to put it out with a garden hose. 

While emergency responders were tending to the garage fire, another structure fire was reported at 7:26 P.M. on the 5400 blk of Poplar St., which was in very close proximity to the previously reported garage fire. Available emergency personnel responded to the Poplar St. fire and noted that there were flames coming from the basement and requested assistance from remaining Palo Fire Department personnel, in addition from the Lakeland Fire Department to battle the blaze. The residence was not occupied at the time of the fire. 

There were no reported injuries to anyone in either fire, and according to the investigators, it appears that the fires are not connected, nor are they suspicious in nature, but rather a coincidence in their proximity to each other. 

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating both fires, with assistance from the Minnesota State Fire Marshalls office.