Multiple Mayors speak about future plans for their communities

Multiple Mayors speak about future plans for their communities

Multiple Mayors spoke at the State of the Cities where they discussed future plans for their communities, and how to improve the Twin Ports.

Multiple Mayors from the Twin Ports area attended the State of the Cities Luncheon talking about future communities’ plans. Approximately 114 people attended the event; which is a record-breaking attendance for the event.

Kim Parmeter, the Hermantown Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, said its a wonderful opportunity for local leaders to network with businesses and residents.

“Today is really an effort to share the stories of what is happening. What we’re looking forward to, and how people in the region can be a part of it,” Parmeter said. “This has been a long-time tradition with the Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce. It started with the City of Hermantown, but as our membership grew, we knew that we needed to be more inclusive of our neighboring communities of Proctor and Rice Lake.”

The multiple mayors spoke about how they can work together to continue making the Northland a great place to call home. 

Mayor Wayne Bouchard of Hermantown said residents are concerned about Hermantown growing with more housing. Although he said the increased tax revenue from residents could help in the long run.

“It actually allows us to provide better services. Schools specifically,” Mayor Bouchard said. “I remember the days when classes had to be canceled in the senior high school because there weren’t enough students to attend. We don’t have that problem.”

Another improvement in the Twin Ports is the Rice Lake Corridor project. Mayor Suzanne Herstad of Rice Lake said there’s been unique zoning and expanding business growth north of Rice Lake Road.

“We’ve had to get internet, we’ve had to address traffic and safety concerns. Then the workforce housing, of course, is something that we’re starting this conversation on,” Mayor Herstad said. “Lots of conversations and it’s taken years to get us to this point.”

While Mayor Chad Ward of Proctor could not attend, Deputy Mayor Troy DeWall said they’re looking to expand businesses along I-35.

“Problems that we continually deal with, I-35. We’re a unique small town,” Deputy Mayor DeWall said. “We have a major I-35 right next door and it brings opportunities, but it also has several challenges with that.”

Mayor Roger Reinert of Duluth also made an appearance at the event highlighting co-operation with the Twin Ports communities. He also said Duluth’s State of the City Address will be on April 25th at the Denfeld High School Auditorium.

For more information about the State of the Cities Luncheon you can read more here.