Memorable Mother’s Day: Security officer helps deliver a baby in the parking lot

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Chris Voigt calls it the highlight of his career. The security officer at Fairview Range helped deliver a baby in the parking lot of the hospital. And on Mother’s Day, no less.

He was doing his rounds near the entrance at the Emergency Department when Dan Stanzell came running up, saying his wife was having a baby.

The Stanzells had left their home in Mt. Iron that morning, preparing to welcome their fourth child. Little did they know she would arrive faster than they anticipated.

Voigt radioed his partner to get more help, and ran with Dan to the vehicle.

Before he even had time to kneel down to help, the baby was born.

So he gloved up, and got going.

“I was trying to remember my days as a father, being there for my daughter when she was born. I got down, and picked up the baby and gave the baby to her momma,” he said. He also helped clean around the baby’s face and mouth.

Then, the emergency department and women’s health and birth staff arrived, along with Voigt’s partner.

“They were all so awesome, it happened so fast, and it turned out great,” he added.

A little while later he went up and checked on Breann and baby Anna, and was glad to see everyone was doing well.

“This is the highlight of my career, for sure. You do always have to be ready,” he shared.

Voigt has been a security guard at Fairview for about a year and a half, and worked in another security role before that.

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