More support for springboard diving in the region with dryland training in Virginia

Combining diving and gymnastics on the Iron Range

A look at how dive club training is taking place at the local gymnastics center in Virginia.

Springboard diving will be in the spotlight again soon with the Olympics.

And it’s growing in popularity.

Northern Twisters Gymnastics and Dive North have joined forces to offer dryland training to young people learning and perfecting their skills.

They believe they are the only dive club north of the metro.

Dave Setnicker, a longtime diving coach, saw what was happening at Northern Twisters, and talked to them about a collaboration.

“Hey, you know what, let’s see if we can get some diving in here. First thing we did was get the trampoline in here, and we got the harness in here. And I was able to pick up diving boards, due to school consolidations, and the stand.”

It’s been in place for several years now.

Gwyn Roos, co-owner of Northern Twisters, said it’s been great to see this develop. “I think I see an opportunity, where there wasn’t one.”

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