MnDOT announces nearly two-dozen construction projects for NE MN this summer

Construction season is here, and MnDOT has announced the 22 State-led construction projects in Northeastern Minnesota for 2023.

Twin Ports Interchange project leader, Pat Houston said “[Regarding] the Twin Ports interchange project, this will be our third consecutive season. We’ve actually been working year-round since the fall of 2020. This will be another really big season, so expect to see really big, substantial changes this summer. The good news is the goal is to open I-35 and I-535 to traffic this fall.”

Increased workers on the roadways can invite the possibility of accidents. Andy Johnson, the Assistant District Engineer for Program Delivery, said “Crash rates in work zones are fairly high and there’s a lot of fear in crashes nationwide. There are a lot of fatalities. It’s several hundred a year. Usually over 100 workers a year will be killed in work zones, and most of it is completely preventable. We just got to not be distracted. Drivers need to pay attention, slow down and anticipate delays.”

Minnesota State Highway Patrol Officer Jason Hanson, warned drivers by saying, “We don’t believe in warnings and work zones, so we are going to be out there giving citations and a speeding ticket in our work zones, $300.”

Projects include:

  • I-35, I-535, Hwy 53 Interchange
  • Hwy 61 at Silver Creek Bridge
  • Hwy 61 at Stewart River Bridge
  • Hwy 135
  • Hwy 210/73
  • Hwy 1/169
  • Hwy 2/65
  • Hwy 2/195
  • Hwy 23 at U.S Creek
  • Hwy 23 at Gogebic Creek
  • Hwy 23 on Hwy 23 near New Gary Duluth
  • I-35 near Hinckley
  • I-35 over County Road 61
  • Hwy 38
  • Hwy 61 near Pigeon River
  • Hwy 65
  • Hwy 73
  • Hwy 135
  • Hwy 194
  • Hwy 210

MnDot has more details about each of the projects listed on their website.