The search continues for LeeAnna Warner, missing since she was 5

This June will mark 21 years since LeeAnna “Beaner” Warner was last seen at her home in Chisholm, Minnesota. LeeAnna’s two sisters and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) are asking for the public’s help in finding any new information about her disappearance. The NCMEC has released a new age progression photo of what LeeAnna may look like today at 26 years old.

The hope is that getting LeeAnna’s face in the public that someone with information may come forward.

LeeAnna was just 5 years old when she disappeared while on her way to a friend’s house on June 14, 2003. Local law enforcement and the Chisholm community began an extensive search and investigation for her and authorities believed she had been abducted. There has been national publicity about LeeAnna’s case then, and continuing over the years. It is still unknown what happened despite efforts to find her or information about her disappearance.

According to the NCMEC, LeeAnna’s sisters, Karlee VanLoo and Whitney Schupp have taken up the fight to find LeeAnna. Their mother, Kaelin Warner died in 2022 of Stage 4 lung cancer. Karlee and Whitney have provided their DNA and genetic testing in the hopes that it would lead to finding LeeAnna. A blog on NCMEC says the sisters also submitted their DNA to 23 and Me, which helps people learn about their ancestry. LeeAnna’s sisters ask anyone who may think they might be LeeAnna to submit their DNA for testing.

According to our reports over the years, authorities have checked on thousands of leads and investigators say there have been a few persons of interest, but no suspects.

In 2013, LeeAnna’s mom told WDIO News that they believe she is still alive, and that there are no words for the emotion that will come when the family sees her again. “There’s no evidence to show she’s no longer with us, so you’ve got to believe that she is,” Kaelin said.

Billboards around the Chisholm area will display the new progression image with the hope that someone will recognize the likeness and that LeeAnn can be found.

If you have information about LeeAnna’s disappearance, call 1-800-843-5678. To learn about missing children in your community, you can search here: