Minnesotan performs CPR on pine marten caught in trap, releases animal into the wild

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is commending a man who performed rescue CPR on a pine marten before releasing it back into the wild after it became caught in his bobcat trap.

According to the agency’s list of online reports from its conservation officers in the Baudette area, officer Nicholas Prachar received a call from a trapper who had caught a marten in his bobcat set in the Blackduck area.

The man who made the report said when he found the animal, it was alive but not moving. The animal eventually opened its eyes and the man began performing rescue CPR on the marten.

The report says Prachar arrived after the marten was revived and saw video footage of the animal’s rescue.

After the animal was returned to the wild, the trapper – whose name hasn’t been released as of this publishing – was commended for his extreme lengths to save it.

Pine martens, also known as American martens, are considered predators and belong to the weasel family, which also includes fishers. They have golden brown fur and a yellow chest, with adults weighing about two pounds. They eat mice, chipmunks, red squirrels and insects, but also eat berries and nuts during the summer months. CLICK HERE for additional information about martens.