Minnesota Legislative Session 2023

Currently, the Minnesota Legislative session is going on with bills being passed at an unprecedented speed. In what is now an all three part of the legislature being DFL-controlled, this makes us wonder what is going on, and how these bills are affecting us. We sat down with Representative Natalie Zeleznikar (R) to get her take.

“There’s just some things are just not taking the time. Being a first term elected official I think people are frustrated that we’re not having the time to bring it back to the districts to say, hey, we want to let the constituents know what’s happening. They’re bringing some things to one committee, bringing it to the floor, moving things at a record pace, which makes it hard to get information back to the constituents on what’s happening,” says Representative Zeleznikar.

And in her opinion, what is the most influential bill that has been passed thus far?

“Social Security taxes being eliminated. That was something that we ran bipartisan and we have a lot of Minnesotans that are aging. So I think universally people want Social Security taxes to be eliminated once and for all, and they’ve wanted it for a long time. So I think that will be influential and bipartisan if that can happen,” finishes Representative Zeleznikar.