Minnesota lawmakers push to attract billions in federal clean energy funds

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Lawmakers are pushing for a new bill that could potentially attract billions in federal clean energy dollars to Minnesota

It is called the ‘State Competitiveness Fund’, the bill authors says it will strengthen investments in areas related to energy generation and supply, clean manufacturing, electrification of commercial and residential housing, addressing air pollution, clean transportation, agriculture and rural affairs and resiliency.

At the press conference the lead author Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL – Mankato) had this to say: “Proud to announce an agreement to put forward legislation at $115 million for the Department of Commerce State Competitiveness Fund. The state competitiveness grants create a priority, so the Department of Commerce will be administering $100 million in grants. In addition, will have 1.5 million in technical assistance, another 6.75 million, I’ve recently learned in some of the grant capacity”

Co-author and Chair of the house climate and energy finance and policy committee, Rep. Patty Acomb (DFL Minnetonka) gave reasons why the competitive grant is important and who will benefit

“The state security fund will make sure that these funds are available all across our state, to communities that are small and large to provide assistance to tribal governments and especially disadvantaged communities to make sure that everyone can benefit in this clean energy transition.”

The commissioner for the department of commerce, Grace Arnold also spoke about the various benefits this will bring to the state.

“I’m excited about this proposal because it’s going to create good paying jobs. Accelerated path to a clean energy future and make Minnesota competitive with other states. It’s also going to provide grant development capacity in rural and disadvantaged communities in order to successfully compete for the billions of dollars in funding available.”