Minnesota hockey community rallies for A Night For Katie

The Minnesota hockey community gathered in Eveleth on Wednesday evening for the “A Night for Katie” event. Katie Johnson, a 17-year-old Rock Ridge hockey player, was injured in a car crash involving a moose last month. She has since been transported to Colorado where she continues her journey to recovery with her parents by her side.

A Night for Katie

Eveleth hosts a Night for Katie.

The event served as a fundraiser for the Johnsons to ease their expenses while Katie continues to heal. The event offered a silent auction, raffles and games played by both current girls and boys players, as well as Iron Range hockey alumni. Players from Eveleth/Gilbert, Virginia, and the Iron Range Warriors all took part in benefit games to support Katie.

“I just think it’s super important to hug your kids and hug your loved ones and just keep praying,” said Pam Agrimson, Katie’s aunt. “Prayers are working, and we appreciate them more than anything. The financial stuff is huge as well, and the support there is overwhelming, as I said. But we just ask for continued prayer.”