Minnesota Forward Party endorses Tim Meyer

The Minnesota Forward party is throwing its support behind Tim Meyer in the 1st District City Council race.

The alternative party was founded in early 2022. The Forward Party has two goals. First, they are working to see election reform in state-wide and municipal elections.

Secondly, the party says they’re recruiting elected officials and candidates across the state for local elected office. These folks typically fall outside of the two-party system and align with the parties principles., -like free people, thriving communities, and vibrant democracies.

Tim Meyer is Duluth architects whose slogan is “Businessman Ready To Get Duluth Back To Business.”

Meyer is hoping to diversify the Duluth Economy, expand and update community centers, expand housing options, increase diversity, increase funding for first responders, and privatize the management of city owned enterprises in Duluth.

The Minnesota Forward Committee supported Adam Bisbee in the Ely City Council.