Minnesota DNR warns about new law for ice fishing this season

New MN ice fishing law

The Minnesota DNR is putting a new law in place to protect our lakes this winter season.

A new law is now in effect for ice anglers this winter. This law relates to storing garbage and other waste left on the ice.

Specifically, people using an ice shelter, vehicle, or other transport on the ice may not leave “garbage, rubbish, cigarette filters, debris from fireworks, offal, dead animals, litter, sewage, or any other waste outside the shelter, motor vehicle or conveyance, unless the material is placed in a container that is secured to the shelter, motor vehicle or conveyance, and not placed directly on the ice or in state waters.”

The penalty for a violation is a petty misdemeanor and carries a fine of $100 per occurrence.

You can read the entirety of the new statute at the Office of the Revisor of Statutes website.