Minnesota DNR rescues black bear stuck in ice

(Minnesota DNR)

A black bear found himself in quite the predicament when the culvert he was hibernating in flooded with snow and ice. Luckily the Minnesota DNR was able to get the bear out quickly.

They found him along the road near Wannaska, Minnesota.

Their bear biologist says he’s healthy- and groggy, after being woken up. He’s believed to be 6 years old and 375-400 pounds.

They were able to safely relocated him to state wild game sanctuary where he can finish his Winter Rest.

A reminder from the DNR: If you see a sleeping bear don’t bother it because it can end badly for both you and the bear.

In this case, some people tried to dig the bear out. And even when as far as serving him up smorgasbord of six Pop Tarts, a head of lettuce, some fancy feast cat food, bird seed, and a Swedish fish,.