Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores less than Satisfactory in Duluth

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Minnesota standardized state assessments, other known as the MCA’s, test students’ skills in assess Reading, Science and Math skills.

Duluth Students’ MCA scores did improve from the 2020 results, but the current scores are not quite back to pre-pandemic levels.

However, Duluth’s Superintendent John Magas, said students and teachers throughout Minnesota, are still recovering from the pandemic academic wise.

“Results throughout the state have declined as well. so there’s been a decline in performance throughout the state. but some of that is mirrored here in Duluth.” said Magas.

One out of three students in the Duluth public schools didn’t meet expected scores for the math or science assessments.

Superintendent Magas said Duluth Public Schools are addressing the unlearning and emotional needs of students as the school year begins.

“We have unfinished funding by our legislature with 9.25 billion dollars on the table. It has not been allocated to students.” said Magas.

With more funds being available for public school districts, universal curriculum will be more available to students in Duluth’s district.

Superintended Magas also mentioned the lowered test results in Math and Science, were similar to the rest of Minnesota.

Duluth Students’ MCA scores for reading, however, were closer to pre-pandemic levels.

The MCA scores are available on Minnesota’s Department of Education website.