13-foot long crack found in Michipicoten, as the investigation continues

Update: The U.S. Coast Guard and Transport Canada found a 13-foot long, quarter inch wide, crack in the hull of the ship in a dive operation as a part of their investigation.

Though initially it was reported that the Michipicoten struck something submerged in Lake Superior, the investigation has found no evidence of a collision.

At this time in the investigation, the U.S. Coast Guard reports the incident was most likely a structural failure.

As of Monday, The Michipicoten remains moored at Keefer Terminal in Thunder Bay Ontario. This is after an alarming day on Saturday where it was reported that the ship was taking in water.

Members of the Coast Guard tell WDIO the areas of initial flooding happened in a ballast tank and a void space near the Bow of the ship. Initial flooding did not occur in the living quarters or the cargo area of the Michipicoten.

Cutter Spar being activated to help the Michipicoten Saturday. Credit: Kate Van Dale

Saturday in Duluth when the the reports came out, Cutter Spar was activated and started to make its way to help. However, its assistance was shortly called off.

This is a developing story and WDIO will continue to update you as soon as new information is released.